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OLYMPIANS RUN International

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The Greek OLYMPIANS are organizing the A’ OLYMPIANS RUN International (OLYMPIANS are the athletes from all over the world which participated in all OLYMPIC GAMES)RUNNING RACES under the umbrella of HELLENIC OLYMPIANS Association, the GREEK MINISTRY OF TOURISM and the Mayors of MAROUSI, RETHYMNO, OLYMPIA.

RUNNING events are 5 and 10 km (men and women) and 2,5 km for families with kids (health run and dynamic walking).

We expect participations from OLYMPIANS from all over the world and many runners from abroad and Greece. OPEN RACE!

1) The EVENT is devoted to the ARC OF THE WORLD (PART OF FEES) for the orphans. Also the event are organized for bringing runners for all parts of the world together (OLYMPIANS) for strengthening the OLYMPIC SPIRIT IDEA, PEACE and friendship.

We run for the PEACE and the friendship of people

2) Also MOTOS of the OLYMPIANS RUN are:

  • COME and Run in Greece the native place of OLYMPIANS

The Hellenic Olympians Association (HOA) was founded in 1987 within the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The President is Mr. George Andreadis (Sailing).

In 1995 the World Olympians Association (WOA) was established by the IOC. WOA President is Joel Bouzou.

The purpose of the Greek OLYMPIANS is:

  • The development of the Olympic Movement and the promotion of the Olympic Ideals.
  • Establishing close ties of friendship with OLYMPIANS colleagues around the world.
  • The close cooperation with the World Olympians Association for the development of the preservation of the healthy principles of Sport and Olympism, through the amateur engagement of the whole and the exercise through the Sports.
  • The IOC recognizes WOA and its 130 national players in each country as the only official Athletic Associations.

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